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Tuesday, August 01, 2006
Here's how it's going down.
~Bonjour, mon amies!~

I've decided that I will use this account for my story, Aidia.

Here's how its going to work:

For every division, there will be a blog:

~Classical Elegance~ Chapter summaries
~Nimble Grace~ Characters
~Balletic Artistry~ History
~Symphonic Benevolence~Fundamentals 1-Worlds
~Empyreal Ambience~Fundamentals 2-Beings
~Whimsical Rhapsody~Fundamentals 3-Cultures
~Azure Skies~Fundamentals 2-Government and Order
~Balmy Breeze~ Inspirations and Influences
~Mellow Waters~ Spoilers

I am still working dilegently on the background info, so it will be a while.
But, I will get it done!

With that said,
I shall take my leave

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